Signal processing

KERSIG : Signal processing

Through our R&D industry experience, we have developed advanced operational signal processing expertise.

This covers both advanced algorithmic knowledge and ability to propose operational implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms: real-time if required, HW, SW, mixed.

Our signal processing expertise service can take the form of

  • Study/consulting
  • Library development (SW or FW)
  • IP development
  • Product development

Typical application domains are:

  • Digital modulations
    • Single carrier
    • Multi-carrier (OFDM like)
    • Phase modulations
  • Error correcting codes:
    • TPC
    • LDPC (e.g. DVB-S, S2, SX)
    • binary and non-binary turbo codes (e.g. DVB-RCS, RCS2)
    • TCM, Viterbi, etc.
  • Array processing
    • MIMO: spatial multiplexing, space-time coding
    • Beamforming
    • Mixed
  • Multipath mitigation techniques
    • Aided or blind equalization